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What Others are Saying...

"John proved to be the consummate professional from the start, possessing both vision and a detail orientation."

- Jeff Feldhahn
Regional Sr. Acct.

"(John) is a rock solid marketer with a specialty in lead generation. He consistently went above and beyond the call of duty and fought for his clients all the way through."

- Dick Larkin
Weblistic/Spot Runner

"His (John) mastery of Direct Response Marketing and Lead Generation is on the national level. Expertise in blending multiple media sources provides a firm foundation for a fully blended program."

- Debbie Lance
VP/Managing Dir.
Wahlstrom Group

"I have great respect for his (John) knowledge and experience in Direct Response & lead generation programs."

- Barbara Botello
Media Manager
Fortune 500 Company

"He (John) is an achiever who approaches the direct marketing world with integrity, knowledge and a can-do attitude. His passion, creativity and integrity know no bounds and that is a win-win for all those involved."

- Sue Leston
Sr. Acct. Manager
InfoUSA/Donnelley Marketing

"John has a sharp strategic mind for direct marketing."

- John Burns,
Database Manager Sears/HIPS

"He (John) finds new innovative ways to mine and manage data, and then converts easily into a creative strategist."

- Robert Gockeler
Empire Contracting Group

"You cannot afford not to hire him."

- Steve Bedowitz,
Industry Icon

"He (John) provided traction for our organization during its early stages and is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the direct response & lead generation platforms."

- Marc Leen
Executive Director
Darby & Darby

"I relied heavily on his (John) extensive knowledge of Marketing processes and how they interfaced with Sales and the rest of the company. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend John for a Marketing position or related areas."

- David Marceau
Indep. Consultant

"He (John) has very effective 'out of the box' ideas. He understands marketing, design and how to generate business."

- Christine Hatter
Stonewell Studios

"His (John's) ability to develop, implement and follow-up on marketing projects is outstanding!"

- Susan Nix Passariello
Dir. of Marketing
Mark Four Enterprises, LLC

"John's expertise improved the company's advertising expense to sales ratio to 17% for direct mail, 6% for radius mail, and 2.5% for selected Yellow Page ads. He is facile in all forms of direct response marketing including writing and producing TV spots for the company."

- Joe Sieger
Roll-a-way Storm & Security Shutters

"John is a highly skilled marketing professional that we use frequently to craft polished, results-oriented marketing campaigns. We have employed his services for copywriting, yellow-page campaigns and direct mail services. His approach is insightful, innovative and delivered with the finesse of a seasoned veteran. John is a great asset and I recommend his services without hesitation."

- Gary Fuller
Multi-media Director

"While he (John) is a leading expert in the field of Direct Response Marketing, one thing that really sets him apart is that he possesses an above average ability to communicate his brilliant ideas and insights in plain, executable English."

- David Flash
Director of Marketing
ValPak of Austin, Kansas City, Sacramento, San Diego & St. Louis

Customer Acquisition / Lead Generation


Your business has to have leads to stay in business and grow!

That's right - your business.

Leads are truly the foundation - the cornerstone - of your...of every business.

It doesn't matter what type of business you're in...you need leads.

Consultants need customers  -  either other businesses or individuals  -  these are leads. Retail or big-boxes need customers  -  these are leads. Personal or Business Coaches need individuals or businesses  -  these are leads. Speakers need an audience  -  these are leads. Selling Information? Leads are the prospects you are seeking. Professionals... lawyers and accountants need clients  -  these are leads. Doctors need patients  -  these are leads. Health, golf/country clubs or even tanning salons need members  -  these are leads.

At the basic level, every business needs a continual supply of leads to stay in business and grow.

A lead is a specific individual or company that has reached out to you based on some marketing that you're doing. Let's clarify one distinction right now  -  the difference between a list and a lead. A list is "X" number of names who may or may not know you; they're unwashed masses. They are not a customer yet, but they're tremendously more qualified and important than just a name on a list. They are, even at this stage, an asset, an investment.

Whether you're already successful or wanting to grow your business. . .

Whether you're a consultant, coach, or are selling information . . .

Whether you work from home, have a consumer products / services or B2B business . . .

Whether you head a local, multi-regional, or national corporation...you need to sell your services or products to others. Those "others' are your leads.

You're probably like our other clients and know that to increase your profits and grow your business you need:

  • Continual sources of new, cost-effective leads
  • Methods to increase the conversion of those leads into customers
  • Proven techniques to keep the customers you already have and increase their business

Lead-Gurus.com is dedicated to giving you the missing information pieces to increasing your lead-flow, growing your revenues, and maximizing your profits!

"3 Sure-fired Ways to Increase Your Business and Profits!"
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It's that simple. We'll send your FREE, No-obligation Report within 1 day.

You started your own business or are part of the management in your company. You are professional and have the necessary skills specific for your industry or profession. You have the passion and you deserve the rewards.

If you're like our other clients, you are an expert in your field. BUT you probably didn't realize that now your real business isn't coaching, law, retail, consulting, speaking or any of the hundreds of things you think your business is. Your real business is marketing your business!

You have to market yourself / your business first  -  before you get the customers, clients, or club members to sell your products or services. Marketing gets you the leads to get the clients / customers for whom you'll use your expertise.

If you learn just 1 new technique or are reminded of just 1 method that increases your business and profits  -  the time you invested (in yourself and your business) will be multiplied many times over.

Lead-Gurus.com covers all aspects of customer acquisition / lead-generation marketing, brand building, cross-sell, or loyalty/referral programs.

  • Internet
  • Gorilla or Grass-roots efforts
  • Copywriting, Sales letters, Collateral, Graphic Design
  • Solo Direct Mail
  • Consumer Magazines or Trade publications
  • Events or Shows
  • Co-ops
  • Newspapers - ROP or FSIs
  • Yellow Pages
  • List building
  • Customer profiling and analysis
  • Data-mining

You can increase your Leads, Revenues & Profits, guided by a seasoned and accomplished marketing expert with quantifiable achievements.


If you keep doing the same thing -
you're going to get the same results.

Do something different today. Contact the Lead-Gurus to get more Leads, more $ales and more Profit$!

John Clements John Clements, principal of Lead-Gurus, has been in your shoes for years. He headed-up the marketing department for several local, regional and national organizations. He was responsible for generating leads, increasing profits while maintaining costs.

Sound all too familiar? It should...he is you!

John has over 10 years executive level Marketing and Branding experience with both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) organizations. He has successfully advertised and marketed for companies from start-ups to $2.3 to $286 Million in annual revenues. His lead generating programs have sold well over $984 Million in products and services.

  • Slashed one advertising co-op cost by 9.86% annualized with creative testing.
  • Increased yearly channel responses by 2,914 or 78.18% annualized with offer testing.
  • Increased direct mail effectiveness by 47% by combining the "winning" elements of creative, offer and list selection tests for $286+ Million public corporation.
  • Acquired $500,000 in additional revenues within 6 months by actuating "dead responses."
  • Founding member of a Fortune 500 Company's Marketing Council saving mid-six figures for licensee partners with national and multi-regional volume discounts with key vendors. Chaired various committees.
  • Achieved 23% increase in Freshman applications by revamping creative execution of a private college's direct mail program.
  • Launched an innovative 3-letter cold-call strategy for an office systems company resulting in $350,000 in new business proposals during the initial one-branch test.
  • Led break-out sessions at several national conventions

"3 Sure-fired Ways to Increase Your Business and Profits!"
Simply click here and tell us your name and email address.
It's that simple. We'll send your FREE, No-obligation Report within 1 day.

You deserve to find out how Lead-Gurus can put the missing marketing pieces into your business for greater Sales & Profit$!

Lead-Gurus offers you several ways to increase your marketing proficiency. You can receive regular marketing tips, insights and reports with our Free, No-obligation newsletter. Or you may elect to have a personal teleconference on how to reach your next level. To really enhance your customer acquisition / lead-generation efforts for your business, you can make an investment in yourself and your business with one of our engagements, whether it's for one project or an on-going coaching / consulting relationship. The choice is always yours.

"3 Sure-fired Ways to Increase Your Business and Profits!"
Simply click here and tell us your name and email address.
It's that simple. We'll send your FREE, No-obligation Report within 1 day.

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